I am a writer, photographer and maker

Ardea alba poem (on image of a great egret flying away)
Great Egret

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Recent publications

The poem Carson Pass is published in Volume 4.3, Spring 2020 of Sheila-na-gig Online

The poem Our Binary World is published in the Volume 9 Issue 2 of the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics (July 2019) [click on Download, then scroll to page 2]

The poems “December 31” is published in the Summer 2019 issue (Volume XXXVII, Number 2) of Italian Americana (print only)

The poem At Butcher Slough is published in The North Coast Journal (July 25, 2019)

The poems “Rock and Light” and “Life on the Edge” are published in Volume 3.4, Summer 2019 of Sheila-na-gig Online

The poem “Diagnosis” is published in the Spring 2019 Issue of Intima, A Journal of Narrative Medicine

The poem “Total Lunar Eclipse” is published in The 2019 California Writers Club Literary Review (page 18)

The poem “Blue” is published in Issue 7.1 of Star 82 Review (March 2019)

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