I am a writer, photographer and maker

Ardea alba poem (on image of a great egret flying away)
Great Egret

I invite you to explore my space, which includes these rooms:

  • WRITINGS: miniatures inspired by my Instagram photographs
  • FOOD: my food blog (recipes and stories, plus recording of Italian words)
  • ARTICLES: my portfolio of (mostly food writing) articles
  • PHOTOS: my photography blog

Recent publications

The poem “Conversation” was published in The American Journal of Nursing (March 2018, Volume 118, Issue 3)

The poems “Poppy Blooming” and “Eternal House” [photo here] were published in Volume 2.2, Winter 2017 of Sheila-Na-Gig Online

The poems “Waiting Room” and”Feather Riding a Breeze” were published in OASIS Journal 2017 (print only)

The poem “Berkeley Aquatic Park” was published in Her Heart Poetry’s THE ANNUAL | 2017

The photo “The Picnic Table” was published in issue 5.3 of * 82 Review 


Read more about me on this page, which includes additional publication credits